My experiments and experiences with cooking vegetarian food

Sunday 22 December 2019


Name Quantity
Suran / Elephant Yam 250 grams
Suki Mirchi / sukhi mirchi / Dry chilli 1
Mith / Namak / Salt 1/2 Teaspoon
Gul/ Gudh / Jaggary 1/2 Teaspoon
Cocum 3
Hing / Asaphoetida 2 pinch
Khobra / Grated coconut 2 Tablespoon
kadi patta / Curry Leaves 2
khobrache tel / nariyal tel / Coconut Oil (optional) 2 Tablespoon
Mori / Rai / Mustard seeds 1/4 teaspoon

This recipe takes about 30 minutes and serves up to 3 people.

Steps to make Surnachi Bhaji 

  • Suran can be itchy at times. Be careful and touch a minimal number of times to cut the Suran.
  • Note: Use a sharp knife to cut the Suran as it is hard to cut. If the hands start itching, rub some Cocum on to your hands.
  • Make small pieces and wash under running water.
  • Add coconut oil and mustard seeds in kadhai / heating pan, when they start to crackle add dry chilli, hing and curry leaves. Coconut is optional and can be replaced with any cooking oil.
  • Add Suran and mix well, put 1/2 glass of water and cover it, cook it on a slow flame for about 10 min.
  • When Suran is half cooked and becomes a bit softer, add Coconut, Jaggery, Salt and Cocum mix well, cover and cook for another 2-3 min on slow flame.
  • Surnachi  bhaji is ready to serve with rice and curry.

Sunday 22 September 2019


Name Quantity
Ova / Ajwain / Carom leaves 12-15 leaves
Hirvi Mirchi / Hari Mirch / Green Chillis 2
Khobra / Grated Coconut 100 grams
Ambta Taak / Khatti Chaach / Sour Butter Milk 1 bowl
Mohri / Raai / Musterd seeds 1/4 teaspoon
Tel / Cooking oil 1 and 1/2 tablespoon
Miri / Kali Mirch / Black Pepper 5
Mith / Namak / Salt 1/2 teaspoon

This recipe takes about 30 minutes of preparation time and serves up to 3 people.

Steps to make Ovyachya Panachi Kadhi

  • Wash all leaves and let them dry
  • Take 1/2 tablespoon oil in pan heat and roast leaves for 3 minutes until they change colour.
  • Let the leaves cool
  • Grind leaves, green chilli, Coconut, Pepper and Jeera together into a smooth paste.
  • Add 1 tablespoon oil and add mustard seeds let them splutter.
  • Add ground paste, mix well and cook until it boils for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Turn off the flame and add buttermilk and salt to it and your curry is ready to serve with rice.

Saturday 23 February 2019


Name Quantity
Vaangi / Baingan / Brinjal 6
Gul / Gudh / Jaggery 1 tablespoon
Chinch / Imli / Temarind 1/2 teaspoon
Mith / Namak / Salt 1 teaspoon
Grated Coconut 100 grams
Masala 1 tablespoon
Kanda / Pyaaz /Onion 1 medium size
Cooking Oil 4-5 tablespoon

This recipe takes about 30 minutes of preparation time and serves 2-3 people.

Steps to make Bharli Vaangi

  • Grind Coconut, Jaggery, Tamarind, Salt and Masala into fine paste by adding little bit of water. 
  • Masala can be any home made masala. In case you are using Garam masala, always add 1 teaspoon chilli powder to it. 
  • Add finely chopped Onion to the paste and mix well. This will be used as the stuffing.
  • Slit brinjal till crown and open. Make sure the Brinjal is good from inside
  • Fill the stuffing properly and keep the remaining stuffing aside
  • Heat 4-5 tablespoon of oil and arrange all stuffed brinjal and cover it for 2-3 minutes
  • Open the lid and stir them. Add the remaining stuffing 
  • Add 1/2 glass of water mix well and cover for 10 minutes on Low flame stirring 2-3 times in between 
  • Bharli Vaangi / Stuffed Brinjal is ready to serve with Indian breads like Bhakri or Chapati